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What is Composition? To me it's a detail balance between including and excluding and arranging our diverse subject matter. The Dynamic Composition is the greatest challange; to transport your viewer through your photograph to where you were when we took the shot.

Do we have to make it complicated to get that subject matter and the viewer to be transported to where you were when taking the shot? No! The most useful tool is simple contrast. Contrast fills all around us; color, texture, tone and of course our subject.

The next most useful guide is arranging our elements using the "Rule of Thirds". Be careful where we place our subjects, our horizons and think of dividing your pictures in to three vertical and three horizontal lines. Many cameras today allow you to do this so you can see how high or low your horizon is, or if your foreground subject is drawing too much attention towards the middle of your picture. Find balance where maybe something big is brought towards the front of your picture, but keep in mind we need to balance the background with another subject.

It's always best to know your location. Walk around, there are some incredable applications for both iPad and Andriods that help you see where the sun will be traveling throughout the day and it's direction; including times of sunset and sunrise.

With digital, don't be afraid to snap away, but learn from your pictures what worked and what didn't. It will help you conquer the depth of dimension, dynamics and suburb composition

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